Kalloc Studios New Mobile Engine

A more powerful engine that uses a phones multi-core capabilities

Since the release of the smart phone, phones have started to become more powerful. This is great news for game developers. The days of small, compact, and light weight mobile games are days in the past. To stay with the times, here at Kalloc Studios, we have completely redone our mobile engine. Since more phones are starting to have multiple processing cores, we have built a mobile engine that will use these cores to power the next generation of mobile games.

It was obvious that we needed our engine to be a multi-core processing engine, but what else did we want to do with it? Well keeping pace with Kalloc Engine, we wanted something that was going to be easy to use. To help with this Kalloc Mobile Engine was given a simple Lua scripting language. This allowed our engine to be used by other developers and not just programmers. We also built in a simple XML UI system into the engine that allows for simple UI creation and editing. With the addition of Lua and XML, our engine was now usable by our designers, artists, and of course or programmers.

What to expect

It's almost guaranteed that the first game to be made on our new engine will be the next installment of Tigers of the Pacific, TOP3. We have not ironed out all the details as of yet, but once we have, we will let everyone know. Since we are still working on Fuzor, we are not able to put 100% of our resources into TOP3, but it looks like in the near future we will have some people transitioning from Fuzor over to help with the mobile efforts.