Fuzor Integration with Oculus DK2

Our long awaited DK2 is finally here

Soon after we received our DK1, Oculus announced its new DK2. So we ordered it, then we waited. Then we waited some more. Well finally the wait is over. Our DK2 has finally arrived, and we are excited. Now with the DK2 in house we will start to upgrade Fuzor to work with both DK1 and DK2 headsets.

I must admit, I was not overly excited about the DK1 when it arrived. Was this hardware going to make Fuzor's walk through experience that much better? I soon found out, the answer was yes. I was amazed at how much more depth a user was able to experience while wearing the Oculus headset. While wearing the Oculus Rift I was able to get a much greater sense of scale and space while walking around a project in Fuzor. Rooms that seemed small when viewing on a normal monitor, now seemed larger and more spacious when viewing through the Oculus Rift.

Now I can say I am excited to see what the DK2 upgrades and changes can do with Fuzor. This technology will allow users the ability to experience their architectural projects in a new and exciting way. The days of 2D images to show off floor plans, or a video flythrough are gone. Now people will be able to walk around an environment and really get to experience what the space is really like.

Fuzor through the Oculus Rift

Fuzor walkthrough with the Oculus Rift.

Wearing the Oculus Rift while walking around a project in Fuzor.