Tigers of the Pacific 3

TOP3 has started pre-production today

The wait is almost over. To our fans, we thank you. Kalloc Studios is happy to announce that today marks the day that Tigers of the Pacific 3 starts pre-production. The teams have been identified, the personnel are in place, and the directions have been given. TOP 3 is officially underway.

Now, we have not set a release date as of yet, as we are in the pre-production phase of the project. Currently we are prototyping different game modes, levels, and art asset workflows, but as we start getting through this phase we will start to create deadlines, milestones, and maybe, just maybe a release date.

We are excited here, and hopefully our fans are as well. For those that are still logging onto TOP2 and fighting the good fight, we thank you. Soon you will be able to step back in time and take part in the world’s fiercest battle, WWII. As people can already tell from the image of this page, TOP3 is taking place in WWII. Players will take to the skies and take part in the battles that changed the tides of WWII.

TOP 3 Screenshots

TOP3 will use real events and locations for the game

TOP3 will have both water and land missions.