Fuzor Goes to USC

Fuzor was a Proud Sponsor of USC's BIM Event

On Friday August 22 part of the Fuzor team attended the USC BIM GAP event. Along with attending the event, the Fuzor team was also pleased to be a sponsor for part of the event. While attending, the team stayed busy answering questions, doing live demonstrations, and socializing with the other attendees.

For the people attending that were already Fuzor users, or had seen the software before, the Fuzor team was pleased to show them some of the new features that had recently been added: Fuzor’s Material Editor, tree placement system, and CCTV editor. The other attendees that had not seen our software before, the Fuzor team was more than pleased to give them an introduction.

One of the main shifts Fuzor will be making in the near future is limiting the dependency with Revit. Fuzor plans to allow users to do all of their tree placement, family object placement, and material adjustments inside of Fuzor, independent of Revit. What the Fuzor team was showing off was the first stages of these features. Currently users are able to place trees and adjust materials inside of Fuzor. The next step in this design is to synchronize this information back into Revit, and have Revit update with the changes.

The Fuzor team would like to thank the USC Architectural department for allowing us to attend this great event. We look forward to meeting with everyone again in the near future and wish everyone the best of luck.

Event Images

Fuzor's lunch time demonstrations drew a crowd

Providing Fuzor Demonstrations to attendees during their break