Fuzor 2018 Now Available!

Fuzor 2018 is a next generation workflow solution for the AEC industry, offering an Integrated Design Environment tailored to the AEC professional's needs. Design and coordinate in VR, collaborate in real time, create detailed 4D construction simulations, plan your site logistics with vehicle and worker simulations and more. Animations that used to take you hours or days can be done in a few clicks. To learn more, visit the KallocTech website and see how Fuzor 2018 can streamline your design and construction workflow.

Utilize VR Like Never Before!

Fuzor 2018 takes VR to another level, letting you design and review in VR, then sync your VR design changes back! Explore your design at normal size, or scale it down for a better overview. Add 3D markups, take measurements and view your 4D sequences all while fully immersed in your project. Fuzor 2018 also adds support for Oculus touch as well as the Windows Mixed Reality platform, Microsoft Hololens and more.

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