Fuzor is Kalloc Studios' flagship AEC software, providing a VDC productivity solution for AEC professionals. Bring your project models together in an Integrated Design Environment. Design in VR, collaborate in real time, create detailed 4D construction simulations and much more. Click on the link below to visit the Fuzor website and learn more about this next generation AEC workflow solution.

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Kalloc Studios Game Development

Kalloc Studios Original Projects

Tigers of the Pacific 3

The call to arms has been sounded! The Tigers are mobilizing. Will YOU join the fight? Return to the fray in Tigers of the Pacific 3! Join the battle against fleets of ruthless fighter pilots, land and sea targets like battleships and destroyers, and secure Allied victory over the China and Pacific theaters. Achieve aerial supremacy in the decisive battles of WWII and earn your place as a TIGER OF THE PACIFIC!

Tigers of the Pacific 2

Get back into the cockpit with Tigers of the Pacific 2! Pilots around the globe are mobilizing against an alien race determined to see Earth's final hours. Fight through waves of invaders using weapons like the multi-warhead missile and the rail gun in an effort to stem the tide of destruction. This is air combat like you've never seen it before!

Tigers of the Pacific

Take flight on a death defying journey across the Pacific and join the dogfight against a gang of ruthless fighter pilots. Tigers of the Pacific features quick action gameplay combined with awe inspiring 3D graphics and awesome audio and effects.

Aura Ball

Aura Ball is an innovative hybrid between arcade shooters and gem based puzzlers filled with eye catching visuals. As you explore the world of Aura Ball, you will experience an interesting blend of the best elements of puzzle games with action games. Complete the levels quickly by unleashing powerups; fireballs, tidal waves, ice dust, and leaf filled gusts.